Wheeljack now respects his commander after fighting against Predaking. Upon arriving, the two caused quite a ruckus that attracted the attentions of both Agent William Fowler and the Autobots. Topspin was killed in the initial fracas by Megatron. This Combiner was a repaint of the original 1986 Combaticons figures. The Wreckers appeared in the live-action film series. When the Wreckers came to, the Predacon was gone. The probe was launched with Optimus following. For the second theft, Wheeljack persuaded Ratchet to let Magnus come. When scouting the mine, Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus found Shockwave's laboratory. They made contact and arranged to meet up in the Andromeda System. Mega-Octane was the first to be reactivated, infused with a portion of Megatron's own spark energy to create the first of a new breed of Transformer that Megatron dubbed the "Decepticons." Seeing Fowler's jet, Dreadwing scanned it and flew off while Wheeljack accidentally blew up a gas station. Wheeljack was a member of the Wreckers alongside Bulkhead, Pyro, Rotorstorm, Roadbuster, Impactor and Seaspray during the Great War. Overlord effortlessly defeated most of the remaining Wreckers. He works with his team and becomes more adapted to their family ways. Wheeljack and Bulkhead also had an encounter at Sandokan where he refused to leave Bulkhead to die at Decepticons hands. However tensions between Wheeljack and his former Wrecker commander soon emerged following a lobbing stunt to Bulkhead which almost killed Miko. Transformers Prime Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The initial roster of the Wreckers consisted of Impactor (the leader), Roadbuster, Whirl, Twin-Twist, Topspin and Rack'n'Ruin. He battled Silverbolt, Rattrap and Waspinator in order to secure two groups of dimensionally displaced Autobots from the RiD universe. Thanks to Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, Bulkhead and Miko were reunited with Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, June, Jack and Fowler, though Smokescreen and Optimus Prime were still absent. It was an average Saturday at the Autobot base. Ratchet rendezvous with Wheeljack by the Jackhammer, and they headed out in the ship to find the relic. Soon after Megatron was destroyed by Bumblebee forcing the Decepticons to retreat which allowed the Wreckers to secure the bridge. After the great push by Megatron, Kup and Perceptor were made into Wreckers, with Ultra Magnus and Verity Carlo providing them with transport. The three Wreckers and Miko found themselves facing a returned and very angry Predacon. When the Ark launched, the Wreckers stayed behind to distract Trypticon, gaining allies in Jetfire, Omega Supreme and Alpha Trion. But before Ratchet left, Wheeljack finally acknowledged the doctor by name. https://tfprime.fandom.com/wiki/Wheeljack?oldid=153. The Wreckers themselves however due to their violent and destructive approaches in combat, and being generally "assholes", they were generally left at the NASA base the Xantium was stationed at to work on it with Epps. The Wreckers are a special task force, generally composed of the best and the toughest die-hard fighters around. Jackie was equally surprised to hear his old pal Bulkhead on the other end and sent coordinates to rendezvous, which were unfortunately intercepted by Soundwave, and Starscream called in the shapeshifting Makeshift for a mission. As Optimus engaged Unicron, Wheeljack attempted to fly the AllSpark to safety only to be shot down by Unicron. He took to traveling alone in his ship, traveling around the galaxy. Together, they possess the ability to combine with each of the four smaller members able to form any limb. Its ranks comprise a who's-who of the obscure; mechs you've never heard much about, mostly because the Wreckers are often called in to fight when the odds of success are slim. Transformers Prime: Beast Wreckers Interrogation Fun. Wheeljack deduced that Megatron was after the Sythetic Energon formula. It is revealed that Ultra Magnus was made leader of the Wreckers by Optimus to help get them under control, and that Wheeljack ended up leaving the Wreckers as a result. Wheeljack made it through first and got it closed. Once in Theta Scorpia where it was located Optimus went after the AllSpark but they were soon troubled with a plasma storm but Optimus managed to grab the AllSpark before it hit, though Wheeljack's ship took a hit. Wheeljack then stood over Ultra Magnus's bedside table as Ratchet attempted repairs on Magnus's hand. Wheeljack was offered a place on Team Prime but he turned it down in favor of continuing his search for more autobot refugees. However it's possible that they could be in hiding somewhere around the world. More Transformers Stop Motion Fandom Wiki, Optimus Prime (eagc7 Transformers/Marvel Stop Motions). The Wreckers is a war unit under the command of Ultra Magnus. The individual Wreckers themselves are unnamed in Dark of the Moon but Leadfoot is named in Age of Extinction. Optimus, however shot down Soundwave. The known roster in the War Within series consisted of the following Autobots: Introduced in The Transformers: Stormbringer #2, the Wreckers are a last-ditch resort commando team sent in to worlds where the Decepticons have effectively won. He and several Wreckers fought at Darkmount Pass where they were caught between Decepticons and a smelting pit. Wheeljack was chossen to fly Optimus there with Ultra Magnus's ship. The Wreckers task was to destroy ten of the Decepticons' most potent killers in Operation: Volcano. Here, he was one of the Decepticons under the command of Reptilion, alongside Sunstorm and Perceptor. However, their craft malfunctioned and crashed, and the six Autobots were entombed in protoform state, joining Fortress Maximus in slumber until their ship was unearthed by Megatron and his Predacons. In the alternate timeline of RID, this team, formerly as protofroms, along with their leader, Scourge, were sent on a mission to reactivate Fortress Maximus. Once Wheeljack's grenade went off, Predaking became enraged at the deaths of his brothers and engaged the two Wreckers and crushed Ultra Magnus's hand under his foot. During the series concluding film Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising, the group was temporarily split up: Wheeljack served as Optimus's pilot and companion on a deep-space mission to recover the AllSpark, Bulkhead was placed in charge of reconstruction efforts on Cybertron, and Ultra Magnus was put in charge of security. Bulkhead then left the Wreckers in favor of joining Team Prime in the battle of Thunderhead Pass but Wheeljack stayed with the Wreckers. In retribution, Galvatron again reprogramed the Decepticons, turning them back into his loyal servants, who followed him so completely that they were even willing to take his orders after he attempted to kill them as a belated punishment. He was present among the Autobots at a military base when Agent Fowler was giving his thanking speech and welcomed his Wrecker commander to Team Prime. Springer is in communication with Bluestreak, who leads another squad and is not one of the Wreckers. Wheeljack chased the con through several systems until at last they made it back to earth. He picked up an ion trail that led him to Dreadwing and began shooting his ship in a chase. They later fought Devastator before Defensor arrived. Though Starscream was ordered to terminate Wheeljack, the Decepticon actually planted a tracker on him. However most known Wreckers have been killed by unknown circumstances. He went back with the autobots to their base to get a little medical attention from Ratchet while he explained the entire events of what brought him and Dreadwing back to Earth. His new Decepticon programming turned it on its head, however, as he now wished to command Maximus's power for his own, and soon had the other Decepticons thinking the same way, conspiring with Mega-Octane to get Cerebros, the power key of Fortress Maximus, under his control. They were eventually shown their error, and co-operated with Prime in a series of raids on the Decepticons. On the ground Wheeljack found Laserbeak and suggested planting a grenade inside of the Mini-Con to kill Soundwave, but Ratchet had a better idea: A virus which would download the entire Iacon data base into their systems.