[ Placeholder content for popup link ] For many security guards, incident response could entail something as simple as turning off lights that were accidentally left on or informing the client of a water leak on the premises. They may be saddled with additional responsibilities, such as receiving phone calls, responding to text and email messages, and running vital errands for their employer. And most importantly, they should be able to accurately interpret whatever they see, and do this quickly. Not only does a security guard sense crisis; he acts fast to control the situation. And he should be able to interpret quickly whatever he sees. Report safety issues, … 3. We must throw the parties, host the gatherings, and attend the events in spite of our fear. From what we can see is that the reporter in a video had two security guards but they were not enough to keep reporting live during the George Floyd protest in Minneapolis. Each client is unique, and as such, the exact nature of security guard duties and responsibilities may vary. By getting the police involved right away, lives can be saved and the criminals can hopefully be taken off the streets. As being a security guard you are at a place where most people trust you than others. Security Guard Job Description Example. A visible security presence goes a long way in establishing peace of mind for your clients. Hats off to all protectors across the country! If the rules and regulations are not obeyed have to report the supervisor or the person who is your head of the department. From public facilities to private corporations, your security guard duties and responsibilities play a crucial role in the safety of a variety of locations. Assist with compliance of company, local, state and federal safety directives. Individuals may require that visitors be searched before granted entry or that only visitors for which an appointment has been earlier fixed should be granted entry. It is a most important responsibility of the security guard to make sure the employee working safely and no one put in danger. This way, additional steps can be taken to prevent a recurrence. In order to ensure the safety of a company and its assets, a Security Guard should have the following skills and qualifications: A Security Guard makes an average of $12.92 per hour. To write an effective Security Guard job description, you need to understand what exactly a Security Guard does. The patrol can conduct on feet, bicycle or vehicle. I want to support young people for a happy and successful career. They may be asked to take phone calls, respond to email and text messages, run errands and even babysit children at times. Security Guard job description should contain the following security guard duties and responsibilities: Inspect and patrol premises regularly; Monitor property entrance; Authorize entrance of people and vehicles; Report any suspicious behaviors and happenings; Secure all exits… You should make a good note while the incident is happening or as soon as possible those notes can be used as evidence in a court. This may help them to catch the criminal and stop the crime while it is happening. An Employee who talk freely things that should keep secret. If you deploy duty at large public gathering areas like street fairs, music festivals, stadiums and public demonstration you should involve controlling the crowd. Protection of People. Security guard knows all access and egress routes of the company and holds the keys and other access cards. The information has been submitted successfully. As we mourn the lives of these people, some even children, we can let ourselves be ruled by fear. From public facilities to private corporations, security guards play a crucial role in a wide variety of locations. The security guard must know how to use the alarm system and other surveillance systems such as CCTV  camera etc. In addition, a security guard should do his best to ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to. A security guard must know how best to respond to various dangerous situations. You must familiar with the surrounding area where you work, it helps to identify the unusual thing happened while you are on duty. An emergency is an unexpected event which can happen at any time and can be the danger of lives and property. His/her job description entails being present at the duty post to deter criminals from invading the … All the duties performed by a security guard are aimed at this one objective (that is, prevention of crime). In these cases, he should immediately call the police. During some very dangerous situations (such as armed robbery attacks or assaults with deadly weapons), a security guard may be unable to handle the situation. Police officers and other law enforcement agents are trained to intervene or respond when crime and violence happens (or afterwards). Please note that we are not your recruiting or legal advisor, we are not responsible for the content of your job descriptions, and none of the information provided herein guarantees performance. Yolanda Ferreiro Bodyguard jobs in dubai, salaries, and duties. Timekeeping Systems: What are the Latest Tech Innovations. He should be able to sense it when someone is cleverly trying to divert his attention off his duty. Additionally, they should do everything they can to make sure all security and safety precautions are being followed. The general duties of the security guard are as following: Your duty can change site to site and between the area within a sites. A Security Guard also investigates disturbances and acts lawfully when defending employees and property. Twitter: @TrackTik. you have to note down and report to fix it. People outside allowed to work in a restricted area where no one is watching them. It is becoming the norm for builders to hire security guards at their sites to deter theft, vandalism, and loitering, and ensure job site safety. In the emergency situation, you should play a leadership role than other people turn to your guidance. For this reason, he must have very keen senses of sight, hearing, and smelling. By getting help this way, loss of lives or property would be averted. Security guards, on the other hand, take a preventive approach to crime, working to prevent risks to the public, deter crime and to be on the lookout for danger. When you do patrol many people can see you and they think the security guard is alert if someone trying to commit a crime they can change their mind. Guard company’s property and assets against thefts and fire hazards. We can not stop living because we’re afraid of what could happen. Thank you! The main responsibility of the security guards and security industries is to protect people, property, and information. A security guard not only senses a crisis brewing; he or she also acts quickly to quell the situation. However, not all incidents are so dramatic. Direct traffic control may be a part of your job on some sites such as shopping mall, party places etc. Some security guards, especially those hired by individuals, do more than their primary duty. Even though a security guard performs various tasks but the goal is deterring, detecting and reporting the crime. Stealing intellectual property and cybercrime is increasing even though most of the companies and the governmental institutes have fought against this. [email protected] The main purpose of the website is to give information, advice, and guidance to the people about the job, education visa and travel. For example, if a security guard repeatedly finds that lights are left on in unused rooms after-hours, the client could use this information to send out a reminder to employees about conserving electricity – a move that could lead to big savings on utilities. They should be able to detect when something sounds off or strange, like if someone is trying to sneak into a secured area. Guards must use each of their senses and maintain focus as they travel along their patrol route, as any given situation can quickly escalate into a serious security issue if not identified and dealt with correctly. It’s hard to believe that our country has seen so many mass shootings in 2019. This is to ensure the safety of lives and property and also to prevent stampedes and breakdown of law and order. Security officer training full course for free, Traffic control Basic security guard training, Crowd control basic security guard training, The Ultimate Guide To Driver Job For Family In Dubai, Qatar Police interview questions & answers. In a company, security personnel are trusted employees the reason for that they know some secret information that other people do not allow. Security guard duties and responsibilities (responsibilities) The main responsibility of the security guards and security industries is to protect people, property, and information. Also, guards may require employees to show an ID card before they are allowed to enter the workplace. Or if you’re ready to hire, post your job on Indeed. Patrolling around the site deters theft, robbery, and vandalism. 5 Typical Problems That Mobile Workforce Software Can Solve. *Indeed provides this information as a courtesy to users of this site. Check, inspect and determine gates, main and rear doors, windows and backyards are secure… A security guard/proprietary private security officer’s responsibility BEFORE an incident/offense has occurred should be PREVENTION. He potentialy saved many lives by his heroic actions . The mere fact that a guard is visible can deter break-ins, vandalism, thefts, and a host of other problems. Those in law enforcement, including police officers, are trained to respond to reports of a crime in progress or when it is discovered. If you see someone is to involved in computer crime you should report it on time. An employee who come early and go late, You seems there is not much work in the office. While several Seattle police cars, burned, a brave Seattle security guard who was working for Q13 Fox News protecting their crew during the Justice for George Floyd protest in Seattle was recorded expertly disarming a Antifa rioter who looted an AR-15 out of a patrol car. Learn how TrackTik can improve your bottom line. Here are some of their typical daily responsibilities that you can include in a job description: Patrolling and … A security guard is the first line of defense against workplace incidents, be they the result of human interference or an environmental threat. If there is a crowd gathered on the site or labor dispute and protest against the company’s management, security guard take the charge to make sure no one is hurt there. Security guard always looks for anything that may cause fire and accident. What are the responsibilities of a hired private guard? This person protects the company’s personnel and property by maintaining a safe environment. Check and screen visitors entering the guarded premises. Even after a dangerous situation has been successfully averted, a security guard must not relax yet. A security guard may be asked to escort employees particularly if they are going to their car late at night. Security officers are sometimes expected to follow certain policies established by their employer, such as screening visitors before granting them entry or denying entry to visitors without a prior appointment. At some locations, guards may be required to check for employee ID badges before letting anyone enter the building. Personal property (property of clients/Employees/customers), Public property (Parks/Roads/government Building. This kind of work requires the guard to be approachable, friendly and willing to help. What Does a Security Guard Do? He should also explain the likely consequences of ignoring these tips, as a way of convincing his employers to adhere to his advice. Sign up for the TrackTik Newsletter and Industry Updates. He should be able to detect strange sounds, such as when someone is secretly trying to open a door. UAE visa validity check through passport number. Therefore, being highly visible is one way in which security guards prevent graffiti, damage, theft, personal injury and other criminal acts.