You can get even more gbf with a 7 but your singer has to be very very on axis. The Audix OM6 is great, as is the Beta58. They also have a broader pickup The OM7 provides unprecedented gain before feedback on concert level stages without sacrificing sound quality. They need a lot of gain. I also have 3 OM5s and an OM3. The design of Audix OM-7 … In the circles I travel the OM7 is considered to be more of a "boy" mic than a "girl" mic because they have deeper bass extension than most of the other mics in this part of the Audix line. Both are great mics, I perfer the 6. The OM7 vocal dynamic microphone is used by professional sound companies, front of house and mixing engineers as well as high profile fixed installations. the pattern on the om7 is a bit more supercard. Design and build. I have 5 om7's and one om5 in my kit and if the om5 gets onstage with the om7's I have to cut the gain way back on it compared to the 7's. The Audix OM7 was specifically designed with a lower sensitivity to withstand a wall of sound coming at it....that really doesn't sound like your situation, so let's skip that puppy. Audix OM-7 offers an exceptional clarity and despite being hypercardioid it produces a very natural tone, so it shouldn’t hurt, although if feedback and bleeding is not an issue it is of course more logical to stick with some common cardiods instead. the OM7. But sadly, no OM7s. I don't know about the om6, I skipped that one, but my main vocal mics are om7's. If a 58 is good with the gain at 12 o'clock, the OM7 will need to be at 2 o'clock or more. The off axis sound is ultra dull. and it has a little less output than the om6. I have 3 OM6s and I like them.