While the film's protagonist is British and both of the lead characters are bilingual, the … Suzy McKee Charnas: The Swimming Pool He says his movie is about how an uptight, latently lesbian, blocked mystery-writer is lured into a wild sex-kitten's swimming pool of sensuality and so releases her own repressed sexual self into renewed creative energy. In the last scene, she meets his real daughter who is nothing like the image created in her story. "Swimming Pool" is more of a conventional thriller than those two--or if it is unconventional, that is a development that doesn't affect the telling of most of the story. The plot focuses on a British crime novelist, Sarah Morton, who travels to her publisher's upmarket summer house in Southern France to seek solitude in order to work on her next book. After it is over, you will want to go back and think things through again, and I can help you by suggesting there is one, and only one, interpretation that resolves all of the difficulties, but if I told you, you would have to kill me. Swimming Pool movie revolves around a middle-aged British Crime Novelist named Sarah Morton. Plot Sarah Morton (the writer who is staying at the house) finishes her book and brings it to her publisher. as most of you know, as a writer...you take situations, characters, events, ect from YOUR life...and exaggerate them to make them more interesting...so in this story the author took the character Julie who was a nerd and a goodie goodie girl and made her into a bad girl who likes to freak and has a short temper and is very jealous. Swimming Pool is a 2003 erotic thriller film directed by François Ozon and starring Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier. He does not like it, and we find out that the book is the story of the movie - she has made it all up. Sarah is struggling from a writer's block, when her publisher and friend John Bosload offers her his country home in … After swimming together in the pool, Franck refuses to allow Julie to continue performing oral sex on him, once Sarah, who watches them from the balcony, throws a rock into the water. Franck feels frightened and tells Julie he is leaving. Swimming Pool: Movie explained. An unexpected tragedy occurs after a night of flirting among the three. The next day, Franck is missing. However, the arrival of Julie, who claims to be the publisher's daughter, induces complications and a subsequent crime.