Genie has 2 major product propositions — Buy Anything & Pickup or Drop. Since they modified their delivery service to make sure people in need to get food items, netizens flooded Twitter to express gratitude towards the company and laud the efficiency of workers. Task completion rate and usability testing help us rectify the proposed solution.Luckily we had a really passionate team of design researchers in the team, as well as a gorgeous new usability testing lab for research purposes. Shoutout to all the diligent Swiggy store delivery men. Here are some of them. Which is where the importance of an MVP comes into the picture (Yes, here I am talking about the MVP!). 2. This Policy shall be governed in accordance with the applicable laws in India. As any designer (or a product owner) can attest, one feels sheer happiness when he/she comes across instances of users acknowledging how their product adds value to their life in a meaningful way. Google Maps gives us fairly reliable search results for well-known stores. Just used @swiggy_in Genie and I'm very impressed! Behind every iteration, there is a lot of thought process. Swiggy Genie | Get Essentials Delivered at Swiggy. They generally keep a list of items handy or make a mental list before leaving the house. Kudos to Meenakshi Kamat, Cydelle Zuzarte & Omkar Jambovane for all the research help. There are 5 major parts to this flow — Store selection, item listing, delivery address, checkout and item confirmation. Here’s to more customers rubbing the proverbial magic lamp to meet their saviour in crunch times! No Cart Checkout: Yes, you heard it right! There is no separate cart page for “Buy Anything”. It received a lot of critical acclaim on social media; below are some snippets of what people have said about Genie. Therefore, we launched Genie with a focus on the two major product propositions identified— “Buy Anything” from any store & “Pick up or Drop” anything. Order Tracking & Item Confirmation: I leveraged the existing Swiggy Go order tracking flows with minor optimisations for “Buy Anything”. Bundl Technologies Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Swiggy”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”) is introducing a Campaign (“Campaign”) during the period 31st August, 2020 to 13th September,2020 , wherein the User (hereinafter referred to as “You”, “Your” or “Customer”) gets an opportunity to participate in Swiggy’s “Win Mobile campaign” wherein the User(s) will be selected through a lucky draw to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (8GB) mobile phone as described below, subject to the terms of this Policy mentioned below (“Policy”). Sundar also said, “extending our hyperlocal delivery offering will unlock a new dimension of convenience and safety for our consumers as well as earnings for our Delivery Partners during these extraordinary times.”. Used @swiggy_in Swiggy Genie service today and I can’t thank Swiggy enough for the efforts they are taking to help us out during such time. This is the place where the delivery executives interact with the customers for item confirmation and verifications. The case is different if you are doing it online since someone else is taking the physical effort of shopping on your behalf. Also, Swiggy does not support shopping from multiple stores in a single order (we have our reasons but won’t get into this). Swiggy does not make any representation or warranties regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (8GB) Mobile phone, Samsung products and services and disclaims all liabilities in this regard. But you should always question what defines the MVP and get clarity on how “soon” are we planning to release the complete design experience. This is when we realise how well we know the users? Select Delivery Address: We retained the “Select delivery address” flow as in Swiggy Go. Pick up or Drop things from once place to anotherThese tasks were forgetting forgotten keys, sending lunch boxes, clothes and documents etc. Therefore, we thought about a manual location selector on the map, where users can explicitly fill in relevant information about the store, for the delivery partner to find the location. One of the crucial parts of any design project is; research and usability testing. along with your product design goals. By placing an order on Swiggy Genie using, the Users stand a chance to win the prize, based on a draw of lots. Hyperlocal Expansion Swiggy’s big wish from Genie—reinvention With food delivery orders down 70-80%, Swiggy wants to be a mobile-screen conglomerate. Sounds simple enough?For us, yes! This Campaign shall be valid from 31st August, 2020 (11:00 am) to 13th September,2020 (11:59 pm). According to reports, Vivek Sundar, Swiggy COO admitted that delivering grocery among other essentials was always a part of the company’s “long-term strategy” but fastened its process to assist the customers. Revamping it’s previously introduced ‘Swiggy Go’ which was functional in over 125 countries, the company has now introduced the ‘Genie’ feature and has plans to expand the service. The thought of writing design blogs has been on my mind for a while, and I am glad to kickstart it finally with a blog on one of the most impactful product design projects at Swiggy! The participant Users understand that We do not make any assurances as to the probability of winning in the Campaign. Thank you . ...just some things you can buy/send/receive using Swiggy Genie. This analysis kick-started the need to optimise task flows for specific use-cases. As a designer, you are not only solving for end customers but essentially finding a solution that best suits the business goals, tech capabilities, product placement, etc. Amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown, Swiggy India has come up with a new initiative called 'Swiggy Genie' to deliver groceries and food. Roti ✅ Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (8GB) mobile phone, which will be distributed to the winner under this Campaign do not have the warranty cover and the winner will not be able to claim any warranty for the mobile phone. Anda ✅ you have to be competent to contract as mandated by the Indian Contract Act, 1872; you shall be in whole compliance of and adhere to all laws and regulations; and. Now, let’s walk through the thought process and decisions that we took while designing the flows for the two broad themes. There are multiple ways to solve a problem, and there’s no perfect solution. To arrive at a final design, we evaluated the iterations based on our major design goals — Navigation, Intuition and Scalability. If we are unable to reach you on the contact details as shared by you, for a period of 15 days from when the winners are sent the mail, the prize i.e Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (8GB) mobile phone will be deemed to be unclaimed and Swiggy reserves the right to distribute the prize to other eligible Users based on lucky draw. This was a tough time for most of us, but Swiggy happened to have the ultimate product offering to become a lifeline for most of the users! For this, User needs to place an order on Swiggy Genie in the time period mentioned above. @swiggy_in. Read - FMCG Giant Marico Ties Up With Swiggy, Zomato To Home Deliver Essential Food Items. 1. What if the user forgets to upload the receipt for the stitched clothes. To address this exact problem space, Swiggy released its own “Chottu” — Swiggy Go. Now it’s time to talk a little more about this. But trust me, that’s the reality. On the same lines as “Buy Anything”, we brainstormed a lot about “Pickup or drop”. Answered, Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: Swiggy, Zomato Take Measures To Fight The Pandemic, Arnab Goswami roars 'we'll win & win big' as Param Bir deploys 1922 law to target Republic, Republic's resolve resounds as newsroom marches with Niranjan to Mumbai Police's summons, Fiery Nitish Kumar tells Tejashwi: 'Ask your father, were there any schools 15 yrs ago? Swiggy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any participant User that tampers or attempts to tamper with the Campaign or violates the Policy. Further, (i) the employees of Swiggy and their family members; and (ii) the pick-up and delivery partners and their family members, are not eligible to participate in the Campaign. Note: I thank Prasanna Venkatesh & Srinath Rangamani for giving me the opportunity and mentorship to create this truly magical experience. Usually, it’s the kids who knew the neighbourhood really well. Subsequently, Swiggy may contact the winners through a phone call. Coming in other regions soon, Swiggy’s hyperlocal service is currently functional in several cities. Cheers to #swiggy for helping me #StayHome. Our research sessions focused more on the value proposition, communication, usability and perception of the product. Let’s travel a little bit back in time to a decade or two.