Let’s take a deeper look at some of the reasons why couples who argue can actually be happier than those who shy away from any conflict. Things to keep in mind in order to argue effectively in any relationship. The fighting. They are … So, it seems that some frank exchanges of opinions can indeed be healthy in a relationship. The style and way we may argue can speak volumes towards the way we actually feel for one another or say who we are deep down inside. I get along with all my friends. Arguments are not undesirable. Fighting early in a relationship isn't always a red flag, but it is important to take these four steps before you reach the three-month mark. My closest friends and I NEVER argue. The way people handle arguments and fights depends on how they handle their pain, anger and fear. I simply won't keep a relationship in my life that has that kind of friction in it. 04 Nov 10 3:55 am While arguing is said to be “Normal”, we all must be careful when we argue because often-times an argument can hide a much bigger problem. I absolutely HATE to argue in my personal relationships. How to argue in a relationship effectively – Disputes and conflicts are in the public domain and they do not miss even spouses who are in a happy and loving relationship because this is human nature – we do not always agree on everything. The Benefits Of Arguing In A Relationship. The Correct Way to Argue in a Relationship @ Lesson In Life […] Anonymous. “I think arguing now and again is a good thing.” How to have a healthy fight All the way up and down the animal kingdom, animals argue. Even the best couples I know fight. They bark, bellow, growl, and spit at each other. I have one or two friends I may have a disagreement with once every couple of years, but it always serves to strengthen us and make our friendship better. While the issue has yet to be resolved, Rachel says that dealing with disagreements is just a normal part of their eight-year relationship. Arguments are handled in 4 … Lots of things about being in a real, serious relationship scare me. But the thing that probably terrifies me most? “We have learned to argue together,'”says the 30-year-old elementary school teacher.