That is all Wade succeeded in doing. Deadpool Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Have you ever been obseded with a fictional pairing? Now please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to be rude or anything I just want to sent some facts strait. I don't know who would actually win, but there is no way Deadpool beats him without using everything he has. Thanos is nothing compared to Chaos King. Deadpool should win this fight more times than not. 4: Temporary Insanitation, Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. They are trying to replace wolverine with Sabertooth but it doesn't work.... here's a crazy idea - how about bringing Wolverine back? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. The cartoony aspect is fitting for the children’s expressions at the scene, but I’m still not totally convinced this is a fitting aesthetic for a comic like DEADPOOL. Creed's damage out put IMHO isn't enough to put Deadpool down, Creed would have little chance if any to actually grab Deadpool, he has far better agility then Creed and his Sword would give him a slightly larger reach. And while the last thing I want to do is make this about Sentry, Bob could tear through this Wolverine Team before any of them could even react. What happened to Warner Bros.' TINY TOON ADVENTURES. It was a missed opportunity to capitalize on an excellent idea. There is absolutely no way Wolverine can solo. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, + No Import Fees Deposit & $11.98 Shipping to Japan. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. He was doing better against Logan than he ever did but Logan wasn't looking to fight to begin with and the first part of the fight was Wade evading a ticked off Logan. The fight takes place in the Canadian Wilderness and is decided by K.O., morals are off...who wins and WHY? I also believe earlier in the same issue Deadpool stated Wolverine holds back against him. Please try again. World’S Greatest Vol. Plus, he's a jobber. Sure, I'll give you that one, but when I brought up Hercules, I kind of wanted to illustrate his strength. But Wade used prep. Out of all the Wolverine vs Deadpool books that I've read nothing that implies Logan has more decisive victory's over Wade. Ares has spent centuries fighting and his sole concern is war. In the end Wolverine forgives Deadpool and lets him buy him a beer. @greatcaesarsghost: That isn't Marvel's Ares. long fight since the both fighters have the healing factor, and if Deadpool does not finish off Sabretooth quick enough, he is most likely to tire out before and then he is going to loose since sabretooth is more of an animal so therefore has greater stamina. @god_spawn: Please let me know if Ive read anything wrong or if I've missed stuff. Unable to add item to List. Although Sabretooth will keep healing, eventually his healing factor will slow down little by little and Deadpool will finish him off. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. @blh726: Ares' ax has been able to damage the Chaos King. But when two unkillable killers go to war, how do you know when it's all over? The first few pages are packed with Deadpool and Sabretooth cutting large chunks out of each other…and of course, a school bus full of children rolls by during their fight. Wolverine's arch-enemy, another former member of Weapon X, Victor Creed and I were never really friends or enemies, but when Weapon X was reformed as a covert strike team, they sold me on. Wolverine pins Wade in a quick brutal fight. Logan is in New York for a book signing. deadpool is as always outrageous in what he does and how he does it plus we also see a preview for deadpool 2099 set in the future where deadpool is captured and stuck in a prison the horror! Meanwhile, the Mercs For Money make moolah in the mouthy one's name while Wade tries to come to terms with being a global hero and an Avenger, after a lifetime as an inveterate degenerate. When is Misaka Mikoto going to grow out some boobs? I’m a fan of the level of violence depicted, it’s appropriate for a DEADPOOL book, but I’m not quite satisfied with it artistically yet. Deadpool’s characterization still shines through. Terrible in every way. This guy is fast enough to catch a Missile (which should be like Mach 3-5) last second, can rip apart Iron Man's armors, and take on armies by himself with no difficulty. Wolverine #88 (they're first actual fight). It was Deadpool 27. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. BUT if Sabretooth can get a hold of Deadpool and put his vastly superior strength to use, then he wins. Sabretooth FTW! The really messy part is that Wade did the dirty deed himself, and has no idea! @wolverine08: Also, I don't remember Ares jobbering except for his one fight with Bucky & Hawkeye. Ultimately, if Ares was smart (which he is, and a great tactician to boot) he would take out Wolvie first with the Axe. However, Deadpool is not a pu$$y either, he's a highly trained spy and killer. The really messy part is that Wade did the dirty deed himself, and has no idea! Otherwise intense moments are somewhat trivialized by the brightness of colors used. I have scans for most of there fights. Plus deadpool can teleport and never tires and was favored by Stryker instead of sabretooth. A fight stopping because they don’t want kids to see the gore? Like Deadpool, Sabretooth was neglected and treated like a freak. Technically the fight never finished (cable BFR sabretooth) all though sabretooth wasn't doing well. This fight is strange (in a good way) with how nothing that the do to each other really affects the other. It could go one way or the other. Once Wolverine is down, Sabertooth and Deadpool wouldn't have as good of chance. However this is going to be a Really! So I'll post them. location: canadian wilderness. It’s still been real nice debating this with you. and there was third time when Wade was melting and still had advantage over Creed. Eh, he has caught missiles right out of the air while fighting Hercules, bested Hercules in h2h, and has had in throat slit by his son (it only pissed him off). Winner: Wolverine but because Wade turned around in the end. What websites let you read manga online besides Manga Fox and Manga Here? 5: Civil War II. I'll post it later. While Sabretooth and Deadpool do both possess an enhanced healing factor, fighting ability edge goes to Deadpool - he's been trained longer than Sabretooth, I would imagine - being Weapon X and all - although Sabretooth has been in various programs, he just seems more feral to me. Winner: None ( I wanted to give this to Wolverine but after thinking about it a lot I just couldn't because Deadpool didn't want to keep fighting, he got what he wanted and therefor had no reason to.). After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. (he did it for Kitty) It just so happens that Deadpool was hired to kill the writer. Deadpool has been able to take hits from characters with super strength that would in par if not above Sabretooth's and has not been knock out. Everyone's healing factors are intact. So Wolverine by the time he managed to pin Deadpool could have ended the fight. Origins: Deadpool wins but Wolverine held back the entire fight since he wanted to lose. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Winner: Deadpool, but against a weakened Wolverine. Wolverine then impales him with his claws. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.