... Pepe Take Your Time GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. She created the tournament in order to make others experience that same thing she experienced in the past, being forced to fight her own friends. In the epilogue, she wears a yellow top with white lines, light gray collar short jacket with blue in the interior, black ribbon necklace, gray sport leggings, and white sneakers with yellow details. Chie, in a way, could be considered a "tomboy." Chie now calls Akihiko Master, saying that they have similar objectives and dreams, and that he is the kind of person she wants to be. Arcana Search, discover and share your favorite Persona GIFs. Tae Takemi Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yosuke and the protagonist defeat the abomination, and persuades Chie to accept her Shadow. Yasogami High School Chie agrees with this. They all claim to have not said anything bad, and they end up sending her off, putting their trust in her just like Yosuke did. As a result she comes to believe herself to be undesirable, especially compared to Yukiko. Persona … Over time, the protagonist learns of how Chie enjoys creating groups and titles for herself, in hopes of being feared by juveniles and protecting the weak. Later, it is revealed the patient who died actually survived, but lost her confidence in Takemi's old hospital and transferred out-to prevent bad PR, the director Shoichi Oyamada (who was jealous of Takemi to begin with, feeling he only received his position due to nepotism) covered up her survival and perjured Takemi for the patient's "death." The last scene shows Chie writing a letter to her Master. Death Then, during the winter, she is also seen wearing a snow suit with a white Peruvian hat, pink goggles with light green lenses, pink scarf, yellow shirt, light blue overalls, and lime green snow jacket. Theme This item allows the protagonist the ability to buy all items that she sells in her shop from the start of New Game+. Furthermore, they both are given denigrating nicknames, Takemi as The Plague and Kimishima as the Devil Doctor. English VA In an alternative route, Chie gives up and goes to the convenience store to get steak. Chie's resolve to help others and protect the team, especially the protagonist, transfigures Tomoe to Suzuka Gongen. Akihiko seems annoyed at first with Chie calling him that, but later accepts it, even giving her advice, saying that a true man does not cry unless he loses his wallet. She bids farewell to her new friend Labrys, who has decided to join Mitsuru into catching the man that did this. Both of them are confused at this, as they don't remember saying anything to insult the other. B She admits her true feelings and Shadow Chie transmogrifies into Tomoe. Her nickname in the medical community, the Plague, is inspired by the. The following day she meets up with Yu Narukami and the others at Junes, and they decide to enter the midnight channel. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Copy link to clipboard. Her reputation as "the Plague" has made her highly cynical and insecure, claiming that she's only good for making experimental drugs, even after being praised for curing a young girl. Akihiko acknowledges his defeat and puts his faith on Chie. The bike skills available to Chie are listed below. Chie's biggest insecurity is her jealousy to someone with a better background than her, which is one aspect of her unhealthy relationship with Yukiko in which both of them are secretly guilty of hiding their true feelings from one another. While Chie suggests him to find the police, Yosuke believes that the police may not be able to help, so they will be investigating the murders on their own hands. That she wants to understand her and help her as a friend. Initially, Ren doesn't believe the accusations remembering Takemi's past with Shoichi Oyamada. The sleeves and hem of the kimono gradient to blue. School Tae Takemi is a character in Persona 5. Portrayed by Her okizeme usually involves 2DD or 5DD in some fashion which then goes into her strong mix up game. persona 1937 GIFs. ", The Carnivore Who's Discarded Womanhood (, —Chie before awakening to Haraedo-no-Okami, —Chie, determined to save her best friend Yukiko, —Chie Satonaka before awakening her ultimate Persona, Persona 4 Arena Chie Satonaka Voice Clips English - Ingles, Persona 4 Arena Chie Satonaka Voice Clips Japanese - Japones. take your time 59384 GIFs. Later in the game, she stops learning more advanced ice spells because Teddie will take over as the main ice user of the team. Minami Tsukui (P4)Makoto Koichi (P4A). Share the best GIFs now >>> A resident of Inaba. Greaves (Self-Taught Jeet Kune Do) She is obsessed with kung fu and is a huge fan of martial arts movies, most prominently Trial of the Dragon. If this happens, the protagonist cannot buy high grade medicine from her. If the protagonist's part-time jobs are counted (janitor, tutor & day care employee), Chie is the only character without a job as all characters but her have occupations as students (excluding Teddie).