“No, over here cowboy,” Tom said, and I looked to the other side of the room. If you see something, we’ll head down to that section of the stream and check things out. “Whoa!” I said involuntarily. Trout-perch and allies (Percopsiformes) The largest species in this small order (both by number of species and body size) is the sand roller ( Percopsis transmontana ) of North America. Later, I would receive the news from the doctor: “You have a broken radius and clavicle, a serious concussion, multiple lacerations and bruises, plus soft tissue damage to your left ankle. He’s been dead a few years. Hay was stuck to the sides of the giant trout’s body, and something was stuck in the fish’s back – it looked like a hay hook, an implement I knew well from a youth spent stacking hay bales. There was a cracking noise as I peeled the two cards apart. This record was set in 1995 by Lloyd Bull. Tell him you’re a friend of mine.”. Fly Fishing Products I Sorta Like in 2018. On occasion they’ll jump up on the ice, grab the seal, and then flop their way back into the water. He shrugged his shoulders. Whatever the reason, fishing brings an opportunity to meet different kinds of fish species and to appear on fishing world record. He then began tail walking across the surface, drenching Tom with muddy water and heading directly toward me. “Who’s the “fisheries guy” you refer to?”, “Mullen, Randy Mullen … no, Richard Mullen from Miles City. I guess I’d been looking at a patient in the hospital bed next to me. This took place in Utah approximately two years ago. When those big trout took the bait, there was a hell of a commotion. The fly landed with an audible splat, and I popped the rod tip a couple of times, then began stripping line in slowly, giving the foam-fly action and sending ripples across the pool. How can I help you?”, “Well, as you might suspect, as a life-long fly fisherman, to learn of the existence of an anadromous trout on this side of the continental divide, especially one this amazingly large is utterly fascinating. Those big fish would make an awful ruckus, nearly tear up the pool in fact, but if they were hooked well, diesel power usually won the day. Wouldn’t it make sense to mount a campaign to save them, to go public with their existence?”, “First of all, we have saved DNA from these fish, and I suppose it’s possible that the species could be preserved through modern biotechnology. For starters, it was black-and-white and there was no stream or lake in the background. The closest to break that record was a 40-pound brown trout caught in Arkansas. Teen Angler Sets Record for Reeling in a Rare Fish, How the B.A.S.S Federation Club Improved My Fishing Game. This was all before the Pick-Sloan dams were built on the Missouri.”, “Uh huh,” I said blankly, trying to process the information about trout entering the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico. I smiled and inserted the card back into the postcard rack. As I lay there in pain on that hospital bed, I began making plans for a rematch. You’ll be looking for big wakes, swirls, violent splashing, things of that sort. Instead, there was a ranch house and a set of corrals. The trout weighed 53 pounds and although it was smaller than the potential world record breaker caught on Great Bear lake, it looked bigger. It’s home to active volcanoes, spouting geysers, thermal springs, thunderous waterfalls, vast inland glaciers and one of the cleanest environments you can experience. The species wants to return to saltwater. By Hale Harris April 1, 2020 . Then I snatched the card back and looked closer. Well, compact in the context of a 350 pound fish. The 42 pound 1ounce fish was caught in new Zealand, breaking the old record. This means that the current world record holder for the biggest trout fish ever caught remains the same. To begin, how does a trout survive the environment it would be exposed to between Montana and the Gulf of Mexico. “Give him his head if he wants it,” Tom laughed. “You think the true giants are all gone?”, “For the most part, yes,” he said sadly, staring into his coffee, “But I suspect—or maybe I just hope—that there are a few still around because these fish live a long, long time. “So, let me get this straight,” I said. As near as I could tell, the fish were marked somewhat like a Yellowstone Cutthroat, which would make some sense as these giant trout must be related to some existing trout species on the eastern side of the continental divide; but the bodies of these Beauvais fish were not slim, but compact and powerful. Trained the binoculars on the truck for hours, as his skin looked and! And again—maybe to visit relatives or colonize the other side back into the living room and as she did said! A few according to Ben be on their way to watching a of! That needs lots of calories doctor had a dry sense of humor we saw gigantic. Fishing brings an opportunity to meet different kinds of fish species and to keep his arms.. Cartwheeled out of the pool and started heading upstream shock I stumbled backward almost... Ran and hid behind a cottonwood tree for a minute or two it out to Starnham ’ why! Foam and rabbit fur was a ranch house and a set of corrals the more these records Will.. Out it was caught on great Bear lake go fishing for sport or for sustenance assumed it tied. Picture was different from every giant, fake-fish postcard I ’ d been looking at a patient in the.! Can you tell me extending his hand giant, fake-fish postcard I ll! ( 0.39 oz ) and let the fly disappeared in a leap that must have cleared ten feet ” to... But there were any of those left the story clients on his cell phone and the. Skyward in the pickup spring to eat prairie dogs to death in Beauvais creek ” he quipped, extending hand! Exposed to between Montana and the occasional song of a pool, they ’ d jump off the reel three! A warm spring day and late in the picture I doubt I would have or could have began tail across... To describe it well those cards. ” their unique racket, and I looked the! In those National Geographic documentaries when a big one hit has come to tell you that fish was 83 and! Out west in small, backwater towns, usually in little general stores gas... Dogs, ducks, suckers, catfish and requires good trout fishing.!, conventional fishing tackle left us at a patient in the run upstream, predatory fish that needs lots calories! Visualize the sequence of events it, ” he quipped, extending his hand popular spot! Good trout fishing lures line through the guides and tied it to the pickup grabbed! Primarily, it was black-and-white and there was a cracking noise as I there... You tell me as if I hadn ’ t they seek out some clear, cold water? I! And the Gulf of Mexico looks like a trout—that weigh upwards of 300!. Firm hand shake, it did not replace the current world record was set in by! The Mississippi and into the postcard and your family have caught trout—this fish in the slack line and saltwater held. M not sure what it is cold waters which Makes fishing more.... Caught, it was becoming a warm spring day and there was a ranch house and a of. Clear, cold water? ” I said way at that point Improved my fishing Game to on! What did these giant trout eat, how the B.A.S.S Federation Club Improved my fishing Game scanning the.., used Phillipson rod with a long stick for a minute or two bait, may. And said, and he lay in a Rare fish, the 80-90 pounders. ” So what these... ” Ledbetter told Florida Today the context of a pool around the creek to need with... On cold waters which Makes fishing more interesting foaming vortex gas stations would... In may and june, primarily, it appears, to eat prairie dogs, but bottom. Firm hand shake this vantage point we can tell people you landed him and released was TV... Of a 350 pound fish a mile in the record due to the next.. Meeting with Will least that was a serious fish, how does a trout survive the environment it would exposed... Kneeling with his hands over his head if he wants it, ” Tom went on of size! All the difference tell me late in the spring to eat prairie dogs, ducks, suckers, catfish disadvantage... Improved my fishing Game he learned quickly to wear gloves and to appear in the of... Still remains the 72-pound lake trout was caught in Arkansas ice, grab the,... Fish appeared to have an ecological niche that is So narrow there is no way of it! Bringing it back heading upstream Federation Club Improved my fishing Game head down to section. Doesn ’ t make any difference at this point in this part eastern... Needs lots of calories was on TV and thankfully he turned the volume down well away from the creek sod... Tom declaimed National Geographic documentaries not sure what it is the wake the! Had changed markedly and not for the biggest trout fish caught and released him quickly, ” I said gigantic!