Add videos to your watchlist so that you can watch them later. Explore our movie collection, see movie trailers, latest blockbusters, and enjoy full-length movies streaming online anytime. Mastram. Enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience at night. Access your watchlist here. All the nine women who had gone missing and then their corpses were found, they all had a connection to the Baba. Shiv, a former drug user himself approaches a rehab centre for treatment, and what he experienced there was magic. How they crime to do that work. People bow down to him wherever he goes and he is hailed as the most righteous person to have ever existed on the face of Earth. © 2018. A big circle of people are involved in the making and the circulation of this drug called “Magic”, which brings magic in people’s lives. What is then - a race to the end? At MX Player web series are available in different languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, and Malayalam. The series is about an aspiring writer turning into an initially reluctant finally full … Release Date: 25 March 2019. At MX Player, you can stream movies online without a subscription, watch movies online without signing up for free! But then, the Baba who does not do sermons but actually preaches about world peace, takes his mask off and the real face behind that mask comes out. xXx: Return of Xander Cage (Hindi Dubbed), The Curse of Robert The Doll (Marathi Dubbed). One of the most-watched OTT platforms has a wide variety and these are some of the best web series on MX player from the lot. Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama, Web Series Year: 2020 To fill your weekend with the suspending thought that will not leave your mind and open your eyes to the harsh reality of today’s society and the blind faith some people have in the so called guru’s of the society, MX Player brings you its latest series “Aashram”. What churns in the mind of this godly conman? MX Player being a video streaming platform hosts various movies, web series, and other original shows. The doctors there have developed something so special, that once it hits the market, people won’t be able to keep themselves away from it. The makers of “Magic” are dancing in the rain of black money that is flowing in, not knowing that the end is near, not knowing that their wrecking is near too. Make your choice from thousands of movies including new releases, old & new films easily. Flames. Our online movies content is well categorized with a search option, so you can trust us for quality and reliability. Directed by Sourav Chakraborty, Dhanbad Blues stars the legendary actor Rajatava Dutta in the lead role of Mrinal Sen. Access your watchlist here. Add videos to your watchlist so that you can watch them later. Baba seems to have knowledge of everything and the solution to every problem mankind is facing. Everybody is talking about it, everybody is using it, everybody is hooked on it, but nobody knows about them. Enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience at night. Trending in Movies: Bajirao Mastani, Namastey London, Vikram Vedha, Queen, and many more on MX Player. If you change your mind, you can always turn it on from Settings. He proclaims that he has come to bring salvation to everyone who trusts in him through the powers that infest in him. MXPlayer is an ultimate place for Romance, Drama & Horror Movies, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action, and much more movie genres. Directed by Nikhil Rao, the latest Hindi MX Originals’ web series High star cast includes Akshay Oberoi, Ranvir Shorey, Mrinmayee Godbole and others. It was released back on January … But a detective named Lakda is after the mystery of this magical drug and so is an enthusiastic news reporter, who wants to change the direction the world is headed in. This is the story of a gang who make a blue film and sell it in the market. And then a local gangster enters the picture, with evil intentions and with such force that nobody might be able to stop him. Nine girls have gone missing in the last 3 years, and despite all the police investigation only Baba Nirala was able to locate them. Plot. MX Player offers all it's web series and movies to all for free. Stay tuned on MX Player to watch all the episodes of MX Originals’ latest Hindi web series Ashram on MX Player without signing up! If you change your mind, you can always turn it on from Settings. Whether you fancy comedy, romance, action or any other genres, you are sure to find all at one destination, catch them all online for free at MX Player! Get free streaming of English movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, other regional movies, new or old Hindi movies, Bollywood movies, HD movies and more on MX Player Year: 2020. From Hollywood blockbusters to Hindi Movies, Telugu flicks, Tamil Hits, Bollywood pictures, old and new films, other regional favourites, and arthouse films from around the world for free. MX Player Dhanbad Blues is a fictional mafia drama web series set in the troubled areas of Jharkhand. The end seems to be near, for the makers, for the distributors and for “Magic”. Flames is one of the very famous web series people loved. All rights reserved. If you change your mind, you can always turn it on from Settings. Bullets Web Series Mx Player: MX Player is back again with a new web series titled Bullet to entertain the audience, something which they have been doing since the inception of lockdown.MX player has been one of the most prominent OTT platforms which has been releasing shows at a much higher frequency than others. © 2018. All rights reserved. Is the Baba a godman, or a criminal or a murderer? To add thrill to your days and to keep you hooked to the screens, MX Player has come back with a thrilling web show. Watch thousands of HD quality movies online at MX Player from any internet connected device. Genre: Historical drama. Add videos to your watchlist so that you can watch them later. Enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience at night. Cast: Ramya Krishnan, Indrajith Sukumaran, Anjana Jayaprakash,… Thousands of people pray to him and come to him for advice or solutions for their problems. All rights reserved. But there is an air of mystery and an aura of intimidation that surrounds him. And this is a drug like no other, it is the literal meaning of magic. Now you can also stream the series High for free on MX Player mobile app. © 2018. Tune in to MX Player to stream the full episodes of the MX Originals’ latest Hindi web show High, now available for free and without signing up. they had entered the Ashram of Baba Nirala in the search of the heavenly world that he proclaimed he would lead them to, but which instead led them to death. But Baba Nirala from Kashipur is going forward too speedily and too many people, too soon are entering into the trance of the words Baba Nirala.