Tip: Creating a profile and avatar takes just a minute and is a great way to participate in Lucky Puppy community of people who are passionate about animals. Originally from Belleville, Illinois, Jilanne attended Althoff Catholic High in Belleville and always attracted attention with her wholesome good looks and many talents. Use the HTML below. 5 Ways to Settle a Rescue Dog Into Your Home, How to Organize a Dog-Friendly Cleanup Day, Daisy Fuentes and Her Rescue Dogs Team Up With the ASPCA, Make This Puppy Lucky: Terrance the English Mastiff, Watch Rescue Pups Fly to Their New Homes Thanks to Pilots N Paws. “Everyone has literally inspired me, and doing this film has affirmed that this is what I want to do. That was in 2012, when Zach was 13. Finn knows he must rescue Marshall, but he has been abused by the other dogs and needs to see the vet right away. With Shannon Elizabeth, Matthew Settle, Lauren Holly, Bill Chott. No wonder she gets back home as often as she can. Coming Soon. He works so hard to make his dreams a reality,” says Mark. In addition to his television and festival appearances, Greg continues to tour all across the country, performing his act at clubs such as the Funny Bone and The Improv. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. A boy befriends a litter of homeless Golden Retrievers. For more information, please visit www.themarshallmovement.com. |. PureFlix, put some effort in. For our sake, we hope Chris never abandons his love of making movies. “I’m hoping to get more work in St. Louis and bring more jobs here. Sam is the amazingly cool managing web editor for DogChannel.com. Greg’s stories are inspired by his midwestern upbringing. “I also snuck in some magic because their theme was MO Magic. A 13-year-old boy becomes the target of bullies at his new school and is feeling hopeless, until he finds Marshall being caged up by a dog-hoarder in deplorable conditions. This bold move led in 2002 to an invitation to the prestigious “Just for Laughs Festival” in Montreal, where Greg performed as one of the featured “New Faces of Comedy.”, His acting TV credentials include stand-up on “Premium Blend” on Comedy Central, Country Music Television,  a finalist on BET’s  network, “Coming to the Stage”, and a semi-finalist on NCB’s “Last Comic Standing.”, Greg was also a favorite on the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom” radio show, which led him to tour theaters across the country with the “Bob and Tom Comedy All Stars Tour,” and he was also a regular guest on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”. Coming Soon. We have a collaborative dynamic that allows us each to listen to the other’s opinions with an open mind. For more info on Chris, check out his website, www.chrisbensondp.com. In fact, Jay finished production a little ahead of schedule, which hardly ever happens in the movie biz. Meanwhile, Chott can’t wait to see Marshall The Miracle Dog movie. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! The cast and crew of Marshall The Miracle Dog. Copyright © 2017 Lumina Media, LLC, All rights Reserved. This success led to an adjunct professorship teaching film studies at Webster University. “It was great to be able to work with Jay again as well as many of the same crew members. Each day people showed up to work with a plan to execute. In the back of her office, a room is set up with a fully stocked bar, drum set, guitars, and a comfy red leather couch. This handsome LA-based actor has other movie roles under his belt as well, including Asylum (2010) and  Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill (2011), in which he and his identical twin brother Zondwayo Beza appeared beside him. Cinemark I might has well have sniffed and licked my dogs own poop. “I think people need inspirational stories, and this film is extremely inspirational. He and his dad are still side-by-side. All rights reserved. Marshall’s story about his resiliency and spirit has touched so many lives, in fact, he has inspired his own movement, The Marshall Movement. We came in on budget, and within the anticipated schedule.”, The Marshall movie features some of the actors Jay worked with in “23 Minutes To Sunrise,” including Haley Busch, Dingani Beza, and Jilanne Klaus. In 2004, Jilanne moved back to St Louis to get married to her beau, and today they are raising three children. With the success of “Amateur Hour,” Chris moved on to photograph the Emmy award-winning short film “Full Circle,” which premiered at the Urban World Film Festival in 2001. As the CEO and founder of Notifi Records, an urban-music label based in St. Louis with another recording studio in Los Angeles, Ira is passionate about music, especially R&B. You cannot help but enjoy being around them. “Kids and dogs rate in the top five of cutest things in the world (cats and grandparents are up there too). Bottom line, his message is the importance of being kind to yourself and others,” says Cindy, who also has a dog Mooshy. “I made some great new friends and was a great reason to come back home. Enjoy a sneak peek of the movie soundtrack right here, Listen to Nathan’s original song, “Fire Now”. Owner of Lamplight Films, Chris Benson has served as Director of Photography on a multitude of films, commercials, music videos, and documentaries. Dingani, by the way, is a South African name that means “What are you looking for?”  And from the looks of it, we can expect big things from this talented actor. The bond of friendship is immediate. Title: “I was back and forth between LA and St. Louis every three months. Enter your e-mail address to get Mishegas of Motherhood in your Inbox: Not very often does a feel-good movie come along that really pulls at the heartstrings and appeals to children, tweens, and adults with relevant themes, such as bullying, courage, and kindness. Working on the Marshall movie has been a fun experience,” says Ira, who cracks sunflower seeds in her mouth after a workout, making the most of every minute. Written by Check it out here! Looking for movie tickets? She taught statistics and human development as an adjunct professor at SLU in 2006. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. The bond of friendship is immediate. Watch it here! In that package was a single notepad and pen. The only one I never met was Marvin Gaye, and I really regret that.”. I was immediately drawn in by the story and the mission, and offered to help in any way possible. ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO. I can’t wait to see it at the premiere and see what happens with the story from there. “I started acting at a young age and traveled back and forth from LA my whole life. She moved to St Louis in 1996 and earned a doctoral in education and psychology from St Louis University. 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Trim While Using Treats. After a few months of well needed healing Marshall was ready to be adopted. My brother did plays in college and my sister worked in radio. and when he returned to Malawi…. Cast & Crew Matthew Settle Doc Henry Shannon Elizabeth Cynthia Just like old times. Also adding to the soundtrack are Phoebe Elliot, who is a Nashville artist originally from St. Louis, and record producer/rock star Gilby Clarke, who played guitar for many bands, including Guns n Roses. “I have a lot of different interests, ya know, and I’ve always had a passion for music even though it’s not always a stable thing. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Since the age of three, Zach would be on air with them at various radio stations including KEZK, KHITS 96 and KLOU. And the best part? The only thing missing in the family is a dog. For more information on the production of the movie and the children’s book, Marshall the Miracle Dog, head over to MarshalltheMiracleDog.com. Watch the short documentary on Marshall and Willenbrock: More than 60 dogs were found living on the grounds of an abandoned property, but Marshall was in the worst shape of all. The kids in this movie, however, were very talented.”.

Marshall’s Miracle is based on the true story of “Marshall the Miracle Dog”, who died and came back to life on the operating table. She has made a name for herself in the cutthroat music industry and recently returned from a whirlwind tour with the former Commodores singer/songwriter, who she says is “the nicest guy ever.”. In real life, she is a mom of three children, who are also professional actors and have appeared in many commercials and even the Marshall movie! Plus, Cindy is developing ideas for a children’s book series, a television series, and even a Broadway musical! Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Copyright © Fandango. Zach also performs stand up comedy throughout LA at venues including the Lyric Theatre and Sal’s Comedy Hole on Melrose. I guess it worked. All are important to me, and they each draw upon important experiences from the others. Finn knows he ... 0 of 1 people found this review helpful. He has been in eight films, including “The Last Days of Shaniko” and “Fear.” He was nominated for a Young Artist Award for his role in the family film “Golden Winter”. As a result, many projects have evolved from the book that carry his message to believe in miracles (he died three times on the operating table after he was rescued). Fandango helps you go back to the movies with confidence and peace of mind. Since the beginning, Zach has excelled in everything he does. “Cyndi and Chris Benson approached me with the story and the preliminary plans for making the movie in St. Louis. A 13-year-old boy becomes the target of bullies at his new school and is feeling hopeless, until he finds Marshall being caged up by a dog-hoarder in deplorable conditions. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Moreover, I’m thrilled to have witnessed the making of this movie, from start to finish. There’s a lot left to tell.”. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. I like the creative part of music, and I’ve always wanted to be in it. TV. One of seven siblings, she appears in the Marshall movie with her 12-year-old sister Maddie. We also worked hard to plan the project out in advance. You're almost there! St. Louis is so beautiful with incredible architecture, history and rich tradition, and I absolutely love coming back home. While in college, Greg won a comedy contest and was invited to perform at Dèjà Vu, a local club in Columbia, MO. Fortunately, I have a husband who will let me pursue this,” says Ira, while she fetches Fifi’s ball that has rolled under the couch.