And when Joseph saw it he was astonished. %%EOF Now when he was six years old, Mary his mother sent him to fetch water from the (   ) Editorial insertion /   \ Editorial revision <  > Unintelligible word [    ] Gap in the text. What kind of mother raised him? Consequently, the two chapters presented here are based on later Greek manuscripts. course. He stupefies me. 0000226108 00000 n ear and pinched it sore. said unto them: Ye speak that ye know, but I have knowledge more than you, for I am before the And he found the child dead, touched his chest, and said, “I say to you, baby, don’t die, but live, and be with your mother.”, And he (the baby) looked up immediately and laughed. And Mary saw what sign Jesus had done. And the boys which were playing with him, when they saw it, fled, and Jesus Chapter 1: The prologue is probably not original. Arise and tell. M.R. (3) And his mother said to him, “Child, what have you done to us? And he made it equal with the other board. (1) And after some days, again another teacher said to his (Jesus’) father Joseph: “Come, brother, give him to me in the school so that with flattery I can teach him letters.”, And Joseph said to him, “If you have courage, brother, take him with salvation.”. And he went forth into the field to gather cross then will ye believe that I speak truth. And he when he saw it (2) And entering the school, he (Jesus) found a book lying on the lectern. And straightway he also fell down and died. 2 But Jesus seeing it saith unto him: Set these two 1 And when he came to the eighth year of his age Joseph was required by a certain But during their return, Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem. And they that were there were amazed, trailer Burke, op. He didn’t want him to be unacquainted with letters, but gave him over to another teacher. (1) And at the time of the sowing, Joseph sowed seeds, and the child Jesus sowed one measure of wheat. And they were astonished when they heard all these that are of the Gentiles the mighty works of childhood which our Lord Jesus Christ wrought when The second teacher, from chapter 14. branch, and the waters were poured out. 0000002454 00000 n To whom be the [glory …]. children: and every thing that he saith becometh a perfect work. Scanned and Edited by These are the lines of the alpha.”. James-Translation and Notes Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1924. (1) And James went into the grove to tie up sticks so that they might make bread. Hagios Saba 259 lacks Chapters 17 and 18. the Alpha said of his own accord the two and twenty letters. what the child should mean, did that which was commanded. For additional information about the translation, see the introduction to the PDF version. But Jesus looked upon him earnestly and said: It sufficeth thee. The truth is that I don’t know, friends, because I understand neither the beginning nor the end! word they took flight and went up into the air. This is the beginning: (1) The child Jesus was five years old. Burke proposes that a line of text describing the worker falling has been accidentally omitted. For additional reflections about the history, context, and meaning of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, see my book, The Infancy Gospels: Exploring Jesus’ Family. And his parents didn’t know. You haven’t clearly seen me, why I’m yours. VIII. (3) And Joseph ran quickly to the school, suspecting that this teacher was no longer inexperienced and suffered. “No, sir.” The word for “sir” (kyrios) could also mean “Lord” or “Master.” Other translations choose “Lord.”. (2) And assuming him to be in the traveling company, they went a day’s journey and searched for him among their known relatives. This public domain translation is based on Hagios Saba 259. said unto Joseph: My brother, this child is of a truth not earthly born: take him away therefore was vexed and sought to find another. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas is thought to be Gnostic in origin. James-Translation and Notes Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1924. master the ordinance of the first letter, and know how many incomings and lines it hath, and marks, common, going apart, and coming together. was exceedingly amazed and said within himself: Blessed am I for that God hath given me such a 2 And he when he heard it went and said to the child: upper garment and drew water out of the spring and filled it and took it and brought back the 2 And when Jesus heard that he laughed and the years of your life. And Jesus said to him, “Cursed be you because of your leader!”, And the people who saw that he had died immediately cried out and said, “From where was this child born, that his word becomes deed?”, (2) And when the parents of the dead child saw what had happened, they blamed Joseph his father, saying, “From wherever you have this child, you can’t live with us in this village. (1) And again, after many days, Jesus was playing with other children on a certain roof of an upstairs room. And the other children saw this and went into their houses. But the child didn’t answer him. The Writing of the holy Apostle Thomas concerning the conversation of the Lord in his childhood. There was a great commotion, and Jesus got up and went there. And he saith again unto him: Take The child came to his father and said, “Set down the two boards and line them up on your end.”. Typically he’s designated either “Jesus” or “the child Jesus.”. The text is a slightly modified version of Tischendorf A. 2 And thereafter saith he: Hear, O Therefore, brother, lead him away with salvation into your house.”. And he gave graciously to the poor and the orphans. XI. And the child Jesus ran to James and blew on the bite, and immediately the bite was healed. I’ve brought shame on myself, taking on this child. 4895 0 obj <> endobj Wherefore doest thou so and profaneth the Sabbath? Burke, op. Spirit now and for ever and world without end. Then Jesus looked upon the teacher and said: Thou Chapters 17 and 18: For the Greek transcript followed here, cf. For more information about Hagios Saba 259, see the Manuscript Information page. For more information about Hagios Saba 259, see the Manuscript Information page. of the other end and pulled the [other] end thereof and made it also equal to the other beam, and Or rather, why don’t you believe the things I’ve said to you? Look, we’ve been searching for you in pain and grieving.”, And Jesus said, “Why were you looking for me? And he said to his father, “Don’t grieve, but make whatever you want to.”, And Joseph embraced and kissed him, saying, “Blessed am I, that God gave this child to me.”. And he ran and found the child dead, and went and accused Joseph. And the child became irritated and said to him, “I want to teach you rather than be taught by you, since I know the letters you’re teaching more accurately. Introduction. was smitten, and healed him forthwith, and saith unto him: Arise, cleave thy wood. And the parents of the child praised God and worshipped the child Jesus. that knowest not the Alpha, how canst thou teach another the Beta? Hypocrite! 140-157, in Rick Brannan, Greek Apocryphal Gospels, Fragments & Agrapha: Texts and Transcriptions (Lexham Press), 2013; Bart D. Ehrman and Zlatko Pleše, The Apocryphal Gospels: Texts and Translations (Oxford University Press), 2011.