C A Dm G7 C C7! Soon I'll find repose! Home FAQ Contact. BRIDGE! Of! the happiness that used to be! F Dm Am Dm! "#�m�� Ukulele chords for Joe Brown - Ill see you in my dreams. Soon my eyes will close! Though the days are long! D7 D! Joe Brown ! �Q��j6��'�LJ�W��tO1�kD�?δy�)������Ɵ��9��C焛������pH���c��"F���6^.f���>�������j�8�-(��Z���Rxdc;(�4�-��D��ej/Pƙ޸��5��0�G�0���/�2�^�b9�R��_C����2,�~�r���M�IoQun��Rį/+'�Q"=�A�b%ǿ��@t�Yh��^Ea�'�� 2i\�E�Sw��|���(aS�+��A�02(��qR��`�-�����@D�F����謍&�F�����k+�`=ϵh��? Twilight sings a song! I’ll See You in My Dreams ! �8���0�u��Qs1��� �zKwB����/d. F Dm Am Dm x4!! E7 Am! VERSE 1! G7 Bbm C7 F Dm Am Dm! INTRO!! Login. Am E7! Bb Gm Bbm F E7(2) F6(2) I'll see you in my dreams, hold you in my dreams D7 G7 C CM7 C7 Someone took you out of my arms,still I feel the thrill of your charms Bb Gm Bbm F E7(2) F6(2) Lips that once were mine, tender eyes that shine D# D C A7 Dm They will light my way to - night Bb C F I'll see you in my dreams