Simon Stagg |

He also possesses a degree of telekinesis.

Elite | Wizard, Movie

He uses a sonic cannon to disable the Tiger Men and uses a giant gorilla named Tiny to smash the gates. Black Manta |

Hugo Strange | Psimon |

Grodd was once a normal gorilla until one day an alien space ship (which would later be retconned into a meteorite instead) crashed into his African home. To get started finding Gorilla , you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. Gorilla Grodd | Maxie Zeus | President Thawne | The largest social media hub for guerrilla gardeners around the world to exchange inspiration, ideas and action. Grodd betrayed their affair/friendship by sacrificing her and tried to fry her brain and when she was arrested, he did not try to break her out. Turtle |

Doctor Destiny |

He found Solovar, the ruler of Gorilla city and tried to destroy him but Solovar knew of Grodd's attacks and had him transported back to the Legion of Doom headquarters. Penguin | Recommended by The Wall Street Journal (Batman pulls up the holographic computer, showing newspaper articles about the mayor of Gotham being attacked by a gorilla) Kid Flash: Gotham mayor attacked by guerrilla gorilla?

He briefly appears in "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!"

Cheshire |

Bane |

Eventually, after Black Hole recruits Meena as the Negative Flash and employs Multiplex by imparting speed force energies unto him. Major Disaster |

Vandal Savage | Warp | Catman | Asmodel |

With their help he then steals Barry's powers.

Gorilla Grodd and the Question are caught by Equinox in the teaser for "Mystery in Space!". Doctor Light |

Grodd used them to attack the Flash and all of Central City, kick-starting another Speed Force Storm.

Mister Mind | Ultra-Humanite |

Lady Spellbinder | Demolition Team | Seeking power.Killing both victims and enemies alike.Capturing and experimenting on humans.Hating bananas.Controlling the minds of his victims.Subjecting others to his rule.Eating brains. Kill the Justice League and the Flash.Take over the world.Destroy Gorilla City for his exile and failed rise to power.Exterminate humanity.Steal Flash's Speed Force powers for himself (all failed). Shadow-Thief | Goldface | Type of Villain

Joker |

One accurate version. When Barry regains his powers, Grodd takes control of his fellow speedsters. Morrow |

Ocean Master | Doctor Phosphorus |, This webisode shares the same title name with numerous DC properties including the episode of The CW series. Clive Yorkin |

Brainiac invented a mind control helmet which would control humans within a 1000 mile radius. He is supported by Gorilla Brigadiers, Gorilla Grenadiers, Gorilla Lieutenants, Gorilla Marksmen, Gorilla Scouts, Gorilla Smashers, Gorilla Soldiers, Gorilla Technicians, Gorilla Troopers, Grodd's Pounders, and Captain Shortly. Evil-doer While considering himself etiquette, he is, despite his great intelligence, a savage, known to eat the brains of his foes. Killer Moth | Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented.

In the villain campaign, the players help Grodd fight the Flash and the original Flash during a raid at S.T.A.R. He also hates bananas.

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