Kit Kat … $8.29. Next up is the “Yokohama edition” of what appears to be Strawberry Cheesecake, a flavor that Kit Kat introduced a few years ago, but that has apparently returned only in one region. These Kit Kats have a much more flavor and “heavy” cheesecake taste. This is the special edition Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kit, many of Japan’s weird and wonderful Kat Kat flavours come from different regions in Japan. (Yes, they do limited … Japanese Kit-Kat Strawberry Cheesecake KitKat Chocolates 13bars Japan import NEW. Free shipping . Nestle Japan has released many variations of “Strawberry Cheesecake” over the past few years, and now have finally released a plain cheesecake Kit Kat. $8.49. We highly recommend these for all of those cheesecake … Japanese Kit-Kat Assort KitKat Chocolates 31bars Japan NEW. Free shipping .