CHUCK: Well, we’re here on Straight Talk Radio. She originally performed on Broadway, and was then signed to a film contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. During the next two weeks, the two were inseparable. Betty Garrett had one granddaughter, Madison Claire Parks, by her son Garrett Parks, and daughter-in-law, Broadway actress Karen Culliver. My guest is Betty Garrett with Caregivers for Cancer. But, if Communists were to ever come to power in America (and it started snowing in Hell on the same day) most if not all of our civil liberties and constitutional rights would disappear. Betty, you made a really valid point and I think I need to reiterate that and that is, this is not just about cancer, it’s because of our shared experience that we talk about cancer, but caregiving does in fact apply to many, many illnesses for people that we love and what you have helps people across the board, not just those that have been diagnosed with cancer. We’re going to talk about a subject that fundamentally will touch every American in some form or fashion. Now, what I mean by that is, I walk in and I’m holding up my handy-dandy iPhone, but I walk into the doctor’s office today, and I had back surgery seven weeks ago, so, as a result of that, I [chuckles] haven’t seen medical doctors for a while for the past six months, but I have gone in and said, “Look, you know, my wife can’t always be with me. Website by Prime Concepts. Actor Lloyd Bridges served as best man. It’s just a different experience. All you have to do is just fill in the blanks because it has a place for your insurance papers, your notes, your information, the place, your doctor appointments, questions, your answers, things you’re going to do for you, the medical sheets, the calendar. [32] Garrett and Parks spent a month honeymooning in Malibu Beach, and they then lived apart for the next two years while pursuing their careers. In fact, 12% of our time was actually going to doctor appointments, 33% of our time was actually going to the emergency room and to the hospital. Call a friend, have them meet you and go have lunch. We have got to have open communication. CHUCK: You mention organization. Over the next two decades. CHUCK: What was the most difficult time for you during this experience? She is the founder of Caregivers for Cancer. BETTY: So, record them, take notes, listen to what they say . So, be sure that you tape record, listen to your intuition. He invited her to join him for a drink, then drove her to the top of Mulholland Drive and told her "You're the girl I'm going to marry." She is the founder of Caregivers for Cancer, wrote the book From Hiccups to Hospice, a great book, and she has been talking to us about five tips for helping work through this process. Come back here. And look–. CHUCK: Because I figured, you know, if you’ve got finger dexterity and you can do that, you’re going to be good with me, but if you’re one of those guys that can’t play that thing, buddy, you don’t need to be touching this body. [14] The show closed quickly, and Garrett began touring the country with her nightclub act. Here I am wanting you to put out your hands so I can make sure you didn’t have the shakes. And, Betty, thank you for taking the time to join me here on Straight Talk Radio and as we wrap up the show, remember, every choice we make in life has a consequence. My guest is Betty Garrett. Her big breakthrough came in 1946 with “Call Me Mister.” In that Broadway revue, she stopped the show with “South America, Take It Away,” playing a U.S.O. You can also see this post at The Daily View: on WordPress. Her teachers included Graham and Anna Sokolow for dance, Sandy Meisner for drama, Lehman Engel for music, and Margaret Webster for the Shakespearean classics, and fellow students included Daniel Mann and Richard Conte. Do I want somebody that does one a week or one a day? BETTY: He wanted to get in and get out and he’d start to get up out of his chair and I’d say, “Wait just a minute. The hit documentary that originally aired on PBS will see a wider release Friday, May 3rd, 2019 from, The 10th annual TCM Classic Film Festival is finally in the books, yet another fabulous, frustrating and altogether marvelous gathering in the heart of Hollywood to designed to revel in the history of movies and encourage the continued appreciation of the value of understanding where the movies have come from, how they’ve come to the place they are, and even a moment or two to consider possible futures, both for the path on which the movies find themselves and for the future of the festival itself. And therefor have the right to believe what they believe and speak out on what they believe and work for people who share their political beliefs. In the fall of 1973, All in the Family added two new people to the neighborhood, Frank Lorenzo and his feisty Irish-American wife Irene. Come on! Communists don’t believe in individual rights and individualism in general. That’s probably one of your biggest resources that you can have. Betty, I have to say to you, I guess the next step and perhaps next phase is, okay, so wow, we’ve been diagnosed, then what happens? Seven movies will be shown about, featuring, directed, or produced by the following: Veteran’s Day is November 11. During this period, the couple occasionally performed in Las Vegas showrooms, summer stock productions, and touring companies of Broadway shows. Get yourself a calendar, get a list and write down all the medications that the loved one is taking. BETTY: One other thing, people do get out of hospice. Follow. Garrett arrived at the studio in January 1947 and made her film debut portraying nightclub performer Shoo Shoo O'Grady in Big City, directed by Norman Taurog and co-starring George Murphy and Robert Preston. If you feel like you need a second opinion, go do it! Let me repeat it back to you,” and if he says, “That’s not right,” I want you to know exactly what the doctor said before you leave that room, and that doesn’t mean that you’re stupid. There’s a magazine Coping With Cancer, there’s Cure magazine. [20] Garrett then was cast opposite Janet Leigh and Jack Lemmon in My Sister Eileen, a 1955 musical remake of a 1940 theatrical adaptation of stories by Ruth McKenney. I was lucky that we had a great medical team that we put together and we were in Downtown Baylor and knew that we were where we were supposed to be. So, finally one day I had my Mom in an assisted living, Gene had passed away, Dad passed away, so, I went in and had a mammogram. Lear had been the publicity man for Call Me Mister, All in the Family writers Bernard West and Mickey West knew Garrett from her time with the American Youth Theatre, and Jean Stapleton had been in the cast of Bells Are Ringing, so Garrett appeared to be a front runner for the role of Irene. The right to privacy, our property rights, equal justice under law. They believe everyone in society should be subjects of the state and that it’s the job of the central state to see that everyone is taken care of and that the central government has to have not just broad but unlimited powers to see that everyone is taken care of in society, but to keep the regime protected and in power indefinitely. correctness. It wasn’t one that really involved an oncologist and dealing with the different types of treatment than certainly what I had. She is the author of From Hiccups to Hospice, the creator of Caregivers Companion, a beautiful guide, the founder of Caregivers for Cancer.