Una professoressa universitaria ex consigliere per la sicurezza degli USA deve fare i conti con un passato misterioso. Valgeir Sigurðsson An Acceptable Loss ℗ Bedroom Community Released … [3] La prima fu presentata il 13 ottobre 2018 al Chicago International Film Festival. Un film An Acceptable Loss - Decisione estrema (The Pages, o anche An Acceptable Loss) è un thriller fantapolitico diretto da Joe Chappelle e interpretato da Tika Sumpter, Jamie Lee Curtis e Ben Tavassoli. All rights reserved. Download on Amazon - An Acceptable Loss (End Credits) Play on Apple Music - An Acceptable Loss (End Credits) Download on iTunes - An Acceptable Loss (End Credits) Play on Spotify - An Acceptable Loss (End Credits) Play on YouTube - An Acceptable Loss (End Credits) Battle hymn of … Shot in varying shades of grey throughout and with little kinetic energy, even as it moves into what it presumably believes to be pacy thriller territory. [4] La distribuzione ebbe inizio il 18 gennaio 2019. Honestly, there are quite a few good reasons to check out An Acceptable Loss regardless of its quality or if it sounds like something you might fancy. An Acceptable Loss attempts a political thriller approach to a serious issue, but ends up sacrificing thrills -- as well as a satisfying story -- in the bargain. Through methodically parsed flashbacks, “An Acceptable Loss” slowly unravels the scope of her dark secret—a former high-ranking government official in charge of national security advisory, Libby had approved a devastating military action in the Middle East that took the lives of nearly hundred and fifty thousand civilians, including children. Libby teaches at a university but 4 years ago she was top aide to VP Rachel and was part of a total victory action. Quando un suo studente comincia a perseguitarla, inizia a ricevere alcune pressioni anche da parte del governo. Per ridurre al minimo i rischi di stalking connessi alla sua delicata mansione precedente, rinuncia a qualsiasi aggeggio elettronico attraverso il quale possa venir "disturbata", quindi niente telefono (né fisso né cellulare), niente e-mail, ecc. Written and Directed by Joe Chappelle. Bedroom Community has released a soundtrack album for the thriller An Acceptable Loss.The album features the film’s original music composed by Valgeir Sigurðsson.The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon Music. Haunted by what she knows, Libby sets out to tell the truth, risking treason -- and her own life -- to expose a cover-up that stretches all the way to the top. | Rating: 2/4 Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Martin (Tavassoli) harbors another type of obsession with Libby in this story of betrayal and regret. The notion of packet loss came about while thinking of the network administrator as the end customer. This speculative political thriller stumbles through most of its first hour. As a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis, An Acceptable Loss is easy to recommend. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. An Acceptable Loss open with a big, burning question mark that hooks you. L'operazione era naturalmente soggetta al più rigido segreto di stato. Despite this, it is an inevitability in order to choose the appropriate crisis management strategy and, more importantly, the condition to end it. Film 2018 An Acceptable Loss seems to be aiming for the sort of paranoid conspiracy thriller tension seen in such films as The Parallax View and Three Days of the Condor. She is also the director of the Institute for Regulation of Emergency and Disaster at the College of Law and Business in Israel. How many fatalities of various groups (e.g., young, healthy, unemployed, elderly) of COVID-19 are considered 'acceptable'? |, January 23, 2019 Thriller, USA, 2018. When managing a pandemic, many questions must be asked to determine acceptable losses and risks: Saving lives also depends the meaning of the number of COVID-19 deaths against the meaning of the economic losses damage to the healthcare system. Chappelle either misses wide or doesn't shoot at all. Eventually, one fact should be remembered: DEAD people do not work. Mantiene però un regolare rapporto di amicizia e confidenza con la vicepresidente degli Stati Uniti, Rachel Burke. Directed by Joe Chappelle.